Teenage bell ringer brings personal injury claim against local Church

Personal Injury Law

Steven Tomsett a teenager aged 18 years thought that he could have died when he was fell approximately 20ft in the air in during practice at their church. Unfortunately, Steven Tomsett fell down to the ground and unfortunately the boy broke his ankle when the wooden stay which usually holds the bell upright position broke thus sending him catapulting in the ceiling. Steven Tomsett had no option but to just let go the rope and he dropped 20ft in the ground. He was left in great pain for almost an hour later because he had to be lifted to safety by the firefighters Hellen’s church, Abingdon.

Steven Tomsett who was a trainee engineer further suffered an injury in the right leg ligaments and also on his lower back. Tomsett from Wantage in Oxfordshire says that he was suddenly pulled in the air and what he could remember was seeing everyone looking up at him and he fell down, he says it was so terrifying incidence and he thought for sure that he was going to die.

Tomsett further says the pain was so great and unbearable, that the language he used at that instance maybe wasn’t favourable one to be used in the church situation. Tomsett further said that the firefighters could not be able to get the stretcher down the stairs so he had to be winched down approximately 40ft to the floor.

Steven Tomsett has now decided to take contact a solicitors personal injury service in order to take legal action against the church seeking to be compensated after the incidence left him injured and caused him great pain. He also claimed that his teacher neglected his duty to supervise him since he was on the phone when the incidence happened.

Steven Tomsett claims that he was now forced to quit his job as swimming instructor since he couldn’t be able to stand for a long time. He also claims that his job as a trainee engineer has become a headache since he has to struggle on the daily basis because this job is his passion and also adds that he has to further struggle with his voluntary work on working on the steam engine since standing for a long period.

The teenager claims that he is taking legal action against the church since the whole incidence could have been avoided could the church bell had been maintained well and this has caused him great pain and also has made him lose his job, he alleges that the church said what happened was his fault and that doesn’t sound right.

Hina Modha a specialist in personal injuries argues that Steven suffered great injuries and this has made him struggle on daily basis and the church should compensate him since it was their duty to ensure that building should have been well maintained to avoid incidents like this.