Are the new visa rules in the UAE impacting ex-pat divorcees?

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Concerns about new visa rules that changed from 21 October 2018 and their impact on expatriate divorces residing in the UAE are coming up. It is estimated to be 7.5 million ex-pats live in UAE and divorce rates are considerably high in these communities. So, it makes sense to wonder if the new visa rules affect these divorcees.

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, UAE explains that the changes are aimed at giving women the opportunity to adjust their status, socially and economically after losing the head of the family – which can happen after a divorce. Solicitors in the UK dealing with family law may be required. The new visa rules that affect divorce in UAE are:

– As of 21 October 2018, divorcees in the Emirates are eligible for a one-year extension of a residency visa their own name from the date of divorce

– Children living in the UAE at the time of the divorce also become dependents on the mother’s visa (They will no longer be tied to the other parent’s sponsorship visa)

You might need divorce solicitor Manchester‌  specialists to explain this to you if you are in the North West region of England. There are UAE cases that have reached family law specialists in the UK where one spouse with the sponsorship Visa for work commonly controls the visa status of the whole family. It causes an imbalance of power to the holder of the sponsored visa for the expatriates in the UAE

Since such power over the residency and right for the spouse to remain in Emirates brings some of the most tragic and unjust areas in the practice of family lawyers, it would be natural to assume the new visa rules do have an impact on divorcees, including the divorced expatriates.

Spouses have suffered unfair financial negotiations when the other party use their strength of a sponsored visa as leverage in a divorce. In the UAE it is common for the husband to be the holder of the sponsored visa and if a divorce occurs, they would be forced to remain behind with their fathers and be separated from their mothers, should they leave UAE. The new rules, certainly change the situation. Children become dependents on their mothers who have a one-year of residency visa from the date of divorce.

For those with relatives or friends are in the UAE with concerns about divorce and the impacts a divorce would bring in the foreign country, refer them to the excellent divorce solicitor Manchester‌ experts for specialist family law guidance, covering divorce, children and financial issues as well as what the new UAE visa rules might mean for them.